School Assessment Screening

We work with GL Assessment to provide a wide range of tests which we use to support our teaching of students on the ConnectEd platform. These products allow us to make informed decisions about the needs of students so that we, in partnership with you, can help each child or young person reach their potential.

Tests for Primary School students include:

Diagnostic Test of Word Reading Processes  – the only standardised test in the UK that assesses regular words, exception words and non-words, thus providing diagnostic information to guide intervention.
Sandwell Early Numeracy Test – Revised (SENT-R) – a standardised assessment that provides a baseline of a pupil’s number skills, which can be particularly useful in helping identify targets for pupils with additional educational needs.

Tests for Secondary School students include:

York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) – Passage Reading Secondary is especially well suited to assessment screening, whilst also providing evidence in applications for GCE/GCSE Access Arrangements.
Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) – an all age attitudinal survey has proven increasingly popular particularly as tackling behaviour is one of the top priorities in schools today.

Specialist Screening Tests to be used with students who teachers suspect may have an additional learning need:

Dyslexia Screener
Dyscalculia Screener
Dyslexia Portfolio

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