Online Tutoring Subjects

Our tutors are qualified teachers and can provide full UK curriculum support in English, Maths and Science. We can also provide tutoring for subjects which are outside the core curriculum. These subjects are not listed on our booking page. For more information on the range of tutoring subjects available and your specific needs, contact us here.

All of our subjects can be offered as a tutoring session for specific topics and general curriculum catch-up or a revision session targeted towards exam results. Our daily homework drop-in session can be used for instant homework assistance.

As well as curriculum subjects, we offer teaching in English as an Additional Language and employability skills.

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Areas our tutors cover range from sentence structure and nouns for year 5 to literary devices for year 11 and everything in between. Each session is pupil-centric and covers the topics most required by the student.




Our Maths tutors use their in-depth knowledge to cover all aspects of the UK curriculum ranging from addition and subtraction to data and graphs.


ConnectEd’s Science tuition covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics from years 7-11.

Learn English

The method and practice adopted by our English as an Additional Language (EAL) tutors aims to teach English using the National Curriculum as context. Your child is continually assessed during the lesson to improve their learning and understanding and at the end of each subject or topic to ascertain the knowledge they have gained.

Employability Skills

Our employability skills provide essential knowledge and understanding in English, Maths and ICT for students aged 14 and above. We work with pupils to optimise their skills, putting them in the best possible position for succeeding in the work place after they leave school.

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