Intervention and Catch-Up

We support schools with online instructional and behavioural intervention, tailored sessions to ensure that pupils meet their target objectives and achieve their best possible results.

ConnectEd works across the 3 levels of intervention

1. The whole class
2. Small group interventions
3. Intensive interventions

Our sessions are flexible and can be accessed at any time. They can be used as and when required, providing your school with a cost-effective way of supporting pupils without putting a strain on resources.

Our online teachers are fully qualified with classroom experience, giving them the skills to support pupils on an ongoing IEP, or students that just need additional help with a specific topic.

We understand that pupils all learn in different ways and offer all of our sessions for students in small groups or as bespoke one-to-one lessons.

Instructional Interventions

Online lessons are structured around agreed objectives, fully aligned to IEPs, where relevant, to aid schools in delivering targeted intervention with clear measurable outcomes to help raise Progress 8 performance.

The ConnectEd tracker easily monitors progress to provide evidence as part of the Schools Response to Intervention (RTI) implementation, enabling teachers to review and amend IEPs to present the best opportunities for pupils to achieve.

All without increasing teacher workload!

Behavioural Interventions

Behavioural interventions can be put in place for a wide variety of reasons, yet they all seek to achieve the same result: improve attainment whilst reducing challenging behaviour.

The approaches and strategies implemented are just as varied depending on the individual pupil requirements. This is where ConnectEd can step in.

Our pupil-centric approach combines teacher, parent/guardian and pupil expectations to provide a support programme that enhances learning and in turn improves attainment.

As SEND experts, ConnectEd strive to promote inclusivity in schools. We can support your school or Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) from the moment you think a pupil may have special educational needs. Our experts will work with you from initial assessment screening, through to delivering a learning programme to help pupils reach their full potential.

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Intensive Interventions

Our one-to-one sessions allow pupils to receive bespoke tutoring according to what they are struggling with. These sessions can be a one-off to help students catch up with anything specific, or ongoing, with the aim of achieving predetermined subject objectives.

Small Group Interventions

Our small group sessions allow multiple pupils to attend one session and is a cost-effective way of providing support to students who may be struggling with the same topics. Each pupil has their own login, allowing them to participate individually, while learning with their peers.

Whole Class Interventions

Our whole class lessons, support teachers in providing interesting and relevant content to enhance the learning of their entire classroom. Pupils have the opportunity to participate as individuals or in groups.


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