SEND Support

All of the lessons that we deliver at ConnectEd are pupil centred and are planned around each individual.  We understand that different children and young people have a range of needs at different points in their learning journey.  We therefore support all students who come forward to work with us in a fully inclusive community.

We will always ask the school or parent for a full brief on the ways that they believe the student likes to work and the areas that they find challenging.  For those students with special educational needs and disabilities we will always select tutors carefully to ensure they have prior experience of working with other students with a specific need.

We also give all of our teachers full access to our teacher training e-learning portfolio so that we know they have experienced high quality CPD on good strategies to use to motivate those with SEND.

We also support schools who express initial concerns about a student.  We can carry out testing which supports a class teacher to provide for a student about whom they have concerns by giving a little more insight into a child’s needs.

At ConnectEd, SEND is at the very core of what we do and we strongly believe as an organisation that everyone is unique and everyone can.

If you would like to discuss ConnectEd’s experience of working with children and young people with SEND please contact us on 01270 449 165.

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